Easy DIY Halloween Costumes For Your Kids

Don’t want to spend a lot on Halloween costumes for your kids? Put your creative juices to work and look into achieving these easy Do-It-Yourself Halloween garbs!

1. Owl Outfit

Just cut and sew those old clothes you never use anymore and have your kids master the art of sounding like an owl and voila! How could candy-givers say no to such kind of cuteness?

2. Snail Costume

No sewing needed! All you need are a bunch of Brown paper, tape, and glue gun! Crumple and stick them up together and you can now turn your kid into the fastest snail in the world! (‘Cause you know, he or she she’ll surely be running around the whole afternoon) 😉

3. Carl Fredricksen from UP

Obviously, nothing could get any easier than this. Just blow up a couple of balloons and get ready to relive Carl Fredricken’s adventure up in the sky!

Courtesy of Auburn Soul

Courtesy of Auburn Soul

4. Minion

Guess what. You don’t need to plot your way into stealing one of Gru’s minions anymore (who wouldn’t love to have one?), ‘cause it’s so easy to turn your kid into one of these hilariously adorable sidekicks! You only need to make the hat! I repeat, only the hat! It’s as easy as that.

5. Fairy Princess

Turn your kid into the fairy princess she dreams to be. With just a couple of scrap materials, you can easily pull this one off!

6. Safari Explorer

Simply scan through the bunch of clothes your kid has and see if you could find a moss green outfit that would go perfectly with these DIY binoculars!

7. Leaf Girl

Disney princess costumes are so mainstream. Check out this very cute and unique costume you can easily make for your little girl. It’s another project which doesn’t require sewing! 🙂

8. Bat

And what kind of Halloween would it be without these blood-sucking creatures? Nuff said.

Sure, simply buying a costume is a whole lot easier. But for those who are feeling artsy enough, why not just take some time and do these easy and creative projects with your little ones? You get to have fun and at the same time, save a few bucks by making them instead of buying them!
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